The network is coordinated Leo Lahti, Pyry Kantanen and Markus Kainu. It all started from the Finnish Louhos blog back in 2010.

We are grateful to all contributors! For a full list, see R-Universe and the individual projects pages in github.

The rOpenGov blog is part of R bloggers.


You can follow us in Twitter, reach us in Gitter or via email: ropengov - at -

In administrative matters, contact the coordinators or other developers as relevant.

How to contribute?

rOpenGov is a community of independent R package developers. If you are working on related projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Adding new packages to rOpenGov:

  • Open a new repository or transfer existing repository under the rOpenGov Github-organization (contact the coordinators to obtain necessary permissions).

  • Add the package under R-Universe

Contribute to the existing rOpenGov packages:

  • Open Issue or Pull Request to the package of your choice in GitHubissa

Possible ways to contribute:

  1. Use the R-packages in your projects.
  2. Contribute to development. We will gladly accept code contributions, bug reports or other suggestions for improvements, or new R packages that fit the scope. We are also welcoming tutorials and guidelines.
  3. Write a blog post in your own blog or send your writing to gain visibility through the rOpenGov blog.
  4. Provide feedback on packages, blog posts, website, or other issues.