The network is coordinated Leo Lahti, Markus Kainu, Joona Lehtomäki, and Juuso Parkkinen. It all started from the Finnish Louhos blog back in 2010.

We are grateful to all contributors, including Daniel Antal, Przemyslaw Biececk, Francois Briatte, Christopher Gandrud, Janne Huovari, Pyry Kantanen, Thomas J. Leeper, Måns Magnusson, Kenneth Rose, and many others.. The full list and activities of contributors varies over time, and can be found through the individual projects in github.

The rOpenGov blog is part of R bloggers.


You can follow us in Twitter, reach us in Gitter or via email: ropengov - at -

In administrative matters, contact the coordinators or other developers as relevant.

How to contribute?

rOpenGov is a community of independent R package developers. If you are working on related projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Possible ways to contribute:

  1. Use the R-packages in your projects.
  2. Contribute to development. We will gladly accept code contributions, bug reports or other suggestions for improvements, or new R packages that fit the scope. We are also welcoming tutorials and guidelines.
  3. Write a blog post in your own blog or send your writing to gain visibility through the rOpenGov blog.
  4. Provide feedback on packages, blog posts, website, or other issues.